What can I do for a DR appt. taken but PA attended without telling his name, when I questioned, DR office told, they always do.

I did schedule for Ortho Doctor appointment at long wait though they offered PA appointment earlier. I did not take PA appointment. I visited the doctor, in doctor office, a guy came without telling his name / details, he did attend. I thought he is not up to level, so I complained to DR secretary about the guy, he looks like not Doctor. DR secretary told that, he is just PA to doctor. they always use PA in case of DR. PA attended for Doctor without Doctor presence. I got the bill as Doctor service though only PA serviced, when I complained to billing, they inquired to DR office, now the doctor is lying that he and PA attended together as per billing Customer service manager. I feel that Doctor is doing purposely this fraud. Please let me know what options I have here?

Minneapolis, MN -

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Kenneth Lee LaBore

Kenneth Lee LaBore

Nursing Home Abuse / Neglect Lawyer - Minneapolis, MN

I would be interested in getting some more information but this is a red flag situation. It is normal for PAs to perform many functions of physicians. I would be interested in seeing the bill from the ortho.

I am a Minneapolis attorney and I handle medical malpractice and billing abuse cases. I would be willing to meet with discuss this matter with you in greater detail if you are interested

Kenneth L. LaBore

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