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What can I do about someone claiming my children on their taxes that is not supposed to ?

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It came to my attention that the CNA that takes care of my terminally ill son has been claiming him as well as my other children on her taxes? I only found out because she left he tax info up on my computer screen Smh..... What can I do about this and now I'm concerned she used his social security number for other things how do I find out ?? I feel so betrayed I trusted her to car for my son not take advantage I have already terminated her services but now what ?

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If you have a legal right to the deductions, go ahead and claim them. The iIRS will identify any discrepancies and give you the opportunity to verify if necessary. You can also report the info directly. Good luck!

Evan A. Nielsen

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You can claim them if they are entitled, but keep in mind, the exemptions for your children are not yours, and you decide who gets to take them. A taxpayer looks at the factors to determine if they qualify to claim the child, and sometimes, if nobody else claims them, they do. So your best bet would be to claim them and they will deny her the exemptions.

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