What can I do about Online payday loans and fraud due to it.

Asked about 2 years ago - Seattle, WA

I took 3 internet payday loans at high interest rates basically 5 payments of all interest then pay on principle.I used a site that finds lenders.I just needed them term and will pay back every cent I borrowed.well info was sold I had to close my bank account due to fraud associated to these companies having all my info.I get harassed every day so I did research on them and its not going to be easy to deal with this.even places I don't have loans are calling saying they are officers(trying to scare me)all have middle eastern accent with a lot of noise in the back.ground like collection or telemarketing companies.I tell them to forward all info to Seattle.police department and.that pisses them off and they threaten calling my work to me fired and even rambles off info to do it.

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  1. Elizabeth Rankin Powell

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    Answered . You are probably being contacted by this group in Florida, this sounds familiar. You are correct that this is tough to deal with. My suggestion is that you write to the Washington State AG's office for Consumer Protection (you can fill out a complaint on line) and to the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and to the Florida Attorney general as well. If enough people complain, they may well shut this place down.
    When they call you, ask for a mailing address where you can mail them. If they hang up on you, they are bogus. If you get a mailing address, give that to the authorities.

    Hope this helps. Elizabeth Powell

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  2. Thomas Martin Morningstar

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    Answered . I absolutely agree with Ms. Powell and note that several of the tactics employed by the callers are specifically listed in the fair debt collection practices act as prohibited methods of collection. There are also likely violations of the Telephone Collection Practices Act. I ave seen some big awards come from cases under TCPA. The FDCPA awards are small, but the statute does provide attorney's fees if you win. Some lawyers do accept this kind of work.

    Switch to your cell and put a fax machine on the line you have been answering.

  3. Howard Eugene Bundy

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    Answered . Ms. Powell's suggestions are good. I would also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Go to www.ftc.gov. You probably should also consult with an attorney about whether they are violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Good luck.

    For anyone else considering dealing with such organizations, you should take this as a warning. It is almost never a good idea to do business with such organizations. Check them out thoroughly before you do.

  4. Raphael Samuel Moore

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    Answered . Did you lose the accounts being used to autopay the loans, and thus the loans are not getting paid ? That would be a reason for them to come after you. Are the debts paid off ? Are you still paying them off ?

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