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What can I do about my neighbor cursing at my children?

Orange, TX |
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I have an older female neighbor whom on more than one occasion has cursed at my children..I'm tired of her behavior. What can be done?

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You really need to put the complaint in context. Why is she cursing? What if anything are your children doing to prompt the cursing? What has your reaction been so far? Is she mentally competent? Have you had altercations with her in the past? Have your children done something to get on her bad side? Is your neighbor just crotchety and acts that way with other children or neighbors?

If you or your children have done nothing to warrant her behavior and she does not appear to be otherwise dangerous, I recommend that you just ignore her, and tell your children that the lady is somewhat looney and it is best that they leave her alone. She may enjoy the confrontations and derive pleasure from upsetting you. Don't feed her neuroses.

If she is dangerous, by all means seek a restraining order.

Good look.

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Actually I believe the whole family is looney. She is always trying to blame my kids for her grand children's bad behavior that's when she curses mine. It has been an on going ordeal for a long time. The grandson (8yrs old) has some extremely dangerous and horrific behaviors that my son isn't allowed to play with him at all anymore. I believe most of her issues stem from this. I am just tired of my kids being subjected to her ignorant rantings of profanity towards them

Brian W. Erikson

Brian W. Erikson


You may try videoing the bizarre activity, and showing it to the police for an assessment. I doubt that a cease and desist letter from an attorney would have much good effect, and may make matters worse. But you never know, and if the police won't help, then maybe try the lawyer nastygram approach.

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