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What can I do about my husband's ex gf following me? Is it stalking or harrassment?

Chicago, IL |

My husband has joint custody of his son. In that custody order I (stepmom) am allowed to pick the child up from school and drop him off, in any event that my husband cannot. I was at the school to pick him at normal time. I notice that the mom was parked in her vehicle and once I got the child and pulled off she pulled off behind me(didnt think much of at first) but she sped up and was riding my bumper for 5 mins then I switched lanes so did she I slowed down at the light so she could get caught at the red light but she ran the light twice just to stay behind me. I jumped on the expressway and so did she. The only reason I lost her was because I hopped in between to semis and eventually she got off the E way headed back towards the school which is where she lives. What can I do about this?

We currently have an order that she cannot call my phone(because she would call me cursing at me, text non stop and once the judge saw that he told her that was unacceptable) if it isnt an emergency and she is to make calls directly to my husband and if the child is with us we let him use the house phone to call his mom anytime he wants. also if im picking the child up from school she is not allowed 50 feet within my vehichle and she has to stay in hers(because in the past she would wait until i pick the child up approach my vehicle demanding I give her all of the childs belongings back pack hat gloves scarfs, etc). She has another child that goes to the same school as well so she has to pick him up and leave.

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you could file a petition for an order of protection alleging harassment. i do not know if one incident is enough for you to win that.



thats what I was afraid of. (not having enough evidence)


Just have your husband's attorney handle it. This is the kind of thing that attorneys handle day-in and day-out. If he doesn't have an attorney on retainer, he SHOULD. Tell him to hire an attorney and get you, and his child, safe. As things are you're racing around like Bond . . . James Bond, jus trying to get the child home from school. SOmeone going to end up hurt or dead.

Tell him to hire an attorney to deal with this nonsense.

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thanks for your response. I did not speed at anytime. The E way is apart of my route when im leaving the school. A report has already been filed bc I dont know what she is capable of and we actually have an appt with an attorney Monday morning.


You should consider an Order of Protection. I also suggest the driving you did to avoid her by going between two trucks on the expressway is very dangeruse with a child in your car and could get someone hurt or killed. Why were you trying to get away from her anyway ay high speeds? if she video taped your driving that could be used against you by her.

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I was never speeding at any point , at the time i actually switched lanes which happened to be in between two trucks ( it wasnt bumper to bumper) the hwy has 3 lanes so I was able to carefully switch lanes to the point where it was too late for her to get behind me. but ive already filed the report. and the police said it would be helpful in court if it was to happen again. I traveled the same route each and everytime and the expressway is apart of my route. So if she did video tape me it would show I was very careful and she did indeed follow me.

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