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What can I do about my dog Misty being Murdered? .

Martinsburg, WV |

I'm 73 was walking my dog in my front yard a 10# Yorkie she was on a leash and 2 Great Danes attack us. They killed my Misty. I've lost use of my right hand. The owner of Great Dane received a citation for waling her dogs without a leash. How do you mend a broken heart. the link below is my story. The dogs did not attack me i was hurt when i fell trying to get misty back in the house. My wife and 9 grand-kids are devastated over this as Misty was a rescue dog and we had her for 3 years. I had my a fence in back yard in not to keep her in but to keep other dogs out, I took her out to our mail box once a day so she could smell where other dogs had been,.it was only 15 foot from my house. I'm trying to do this using mostly left hand.

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Find and consult with an experienced local personal injury attorney ASAP. In NY domestic animals are property and in your case your damages for the loss of your dog might be addressed as a property damage claim more than any other type. That said, you may be able to recover for both your own personal injuries (your hand) and pain and suffering (your emotional trauma and lost dog). Your best bet is to spend the next couple days consulting with experienced local personal injury attorneys and see if you can't schedule an appointment or two to meet with them.

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Horrible story about the attack on your dog, which I know was a member of the family. It is difficult if not impossible to reach out over the computer so I recommend you consult with an experienced personal injury attorney in your jurisdiction. Many states have strict liability in cases of injuries caused by dogs. I understand your state has a unique version but it applies to loose dogs. Here's more: BLUE LINK BELOW

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Best bet is to have a local personal injury lawyer investigate

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