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What can i do about me being on probation and my drivers license?

Jacksonville, FL |
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i was arrested for driving on a suspended license and put on probation. a stiptulation of the probation was that i aquire a valid license by paying all of the fines. after all of the fines are paid my license will be suspended again due to points. what can i do about this?

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In Maryland, points would not be assessed to your license once you complete the condition of probation, i.e., paying the fine. That is the benefit of probation: points are not assessed to your license. Whether the same is true in FL I am not able to answer. I would recommend you contact a FL attorney knowledgeable in traffic offenses.

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Usually, once you pay all the fines, D6s, obtain the license and go back to court, the State will amend the charge to No Valid License, an infraction that will not then cause your new license to be suspended all over again. You plead no contest to the amended charge, pay the court costs, and go about your business.

I do not know all the details about your case, so this is a general description of what is typical when someone is placed on probation and required to obtain valid DL. The desire of all involved is to simply have you obtain a valid DL, and this is your chance to do so.

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