What can I do about harassment from my boss?

Asked over 1 year ago - Falls Church, VA

I work for a small business (under 15 employees) and have a very bigoted, narcissistic, racist boss/company owner. There are usually only 5 people in the office tops, and he is here about 75% of the time. He tells racist and sexist jokes very often. He stereotypes different races, calling blacks the N-word, Hispanics are all "Julios", Middle Easterners are "towel heads", etc. He curses (f**king, sh*t) and is very vulgar when talking about women. One day he repeated the details of a case we were dealing with to everyone he saw/talked to, and in such a vulgar way, I got a panic attack and had to leave the office. I get paid pretty well and if it weren't for the money, I would have left this job a long time ago. I'll be moving to another state soon and want to know my options.

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  1. Peter Anthony Jabaly


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    Answered . Sounds like he's creating a hostile work environment and may be harassing you too. You could file an EEOC complaint or a complaint with the DC Human Rights Office if
    you work there. I should say that prosecuting a case far away is difficult without the help of an attorney.

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    Answered . This behavior crosses many lines and you should set up an appointment to meet with an employment law attorney in your locale. Most attorneys who agree to represent clients in these cases do so on a percentage fee of the amount they recover, rather than hourly attorney fees.

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