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What can i do about being treated poorly at work because a coworker allows the boss to sexualy harrass her and i dont

Macomb, IL |

the business only has 8 employees the owner is always tryin to harrass his crew that is only females because he wont hire men. a coworker allows him to grab her inappropriatly while working and flirts back with him. i refuse all his advances of massages and hugs and yell at him for telling me i am pretty and such. now he is treating me bad. i am being singled out over evry litle problem he finds. he also discusses my work performance openly in a negative way to people it dont concern. he has lately started lying about coworkers complaining about me when all coworkers are good friends except the one who flirts with him.

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    You're describing a case of retaliation for resisting sexual harassment. That's illegal for any employer, no matter how small the business. You have the right to file a complaint with the Illinois Department of Human Rights. You should talk to a lawyer experienced with IDHR issues immediately. They'll talk to you for free and will take your case on a contingency basis if they think it's sufficiently supported by evidence.

    Resisting this sort of behavior is the right thing to do. This guy sounds like a real creep.

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  2. You may have a sexual harassment claim. You should speak with a sexual harassment lawyer at once.

  3. This creep is retaliating against you for refusing his sexual advances. This is illegal sexual harassment. Your next step should be to consult with an employment discrimination lawyer in your home town.

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