What can i do about a state to state child support issue

i was paying child support to illinois from north carolina but my case was closed due to my child being with me.. the mom never stopped recieving government assistance so the state of illinois took my tax returns saying that i never paid support but it came directly out of my check.. now they are still charging me and not cooperating to return my taxes to me.. stating that they never closed their case so it doesnt matter if north carolina closed theirs..

Jacksonville, NC -

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Matthew Vernon Silva

Matthew Vernon Silva

Criminal Defense Attorney - Jacksonville, NC

This is fairly common. You need to petition child support enforcement in IL. If they will not work with you over the phone, you are going to need to file certain motions in court. If you are paying back the state for arrears, then you are going to have to finish. In the end, this is probably not something you are going to be able to handle unless you are well versed in IL child support enforcement regulations. You should post this question in the IL forum and hire the attorney that provides you with the best answer.

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