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What can i do about a domestic violence, so that i don't get arrested?

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Me and my sister got into an argument that led to me grabbing her neck and pulling her hair, she called the police and i left before they came. (she told them i choked her and pulled her hair).They took a photo but there was only a faint scratch). I never got arrested, no warrant was issued. I have never been arrested in the past.,,And we have never argued in the past or since. we also live together and get along well usually..(this happened 1.5 months ago... My sister would drop any charges but in the state of Florida it is apparently me vs. the state of she can't..i have been give a court date for arraignment, is there anything i can do or say to NOT be arrested?

Can she contact the State attorneys office and ask them to drop any charges? (without incriminating herself)....can she file an affidavit with the state attorneys office? If so how would she do so..before or after the arraignment, should she come with me to the arraignment? should i plead guilty or not guilty? does pleading guilty mean a mandatory arrest?...i know this is alot of questions, any help is appreciated.

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Hire an attorney.


Mr. Hornsby answered it correctly: Hire a local Criminal Defense Lawyer. You have many questions and they can help. Some may even offer a free consult and then if you feel confident they can assist you, hire them!

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