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What can I do?

Chicago, IL |

Found out my ex wife committed fraud in order to collect a previous amount of child support I use to pay but no longer could afford it. I since then remodified for the legal 20% in Illinois in 2012 with my new job. She attained a court appearence to re modified to the old amount. She appeared in court with someone pretending to be me. What can I do to file charges?

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  1. you could go to the police to file charges but that will not change your child support. hiring a lawyer and doing a motion to vacate the last order may modify your support.

  2. Hire a lawyer, undo the damage, and being her fraud to the court's attention.

  3. Sounds like a 1401 motion to vacate for fraud.

    BUT depends how much time has passed and what due diligence was used. By way of illustration, if this event happened 2 years ago and you just now decided to do something about it, judge may think it's fishy that you waited so long.

    But if it JUST happened and you act ASAP, different story. Talk to a family law attorney in your area for specific guidance.

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