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What can I do ? (See Details) Sorry if it's chopped up. I ran out of room. It's 100% honest though.

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I used to be a junky.
I got over it in an unusual way, Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) which effectively scared me from using heroin anymore.

Fast forward - things are normal. I write software/design websites and things are fairly mellow.

I drank with a suicidal brother one day (I was helping him move) and long story short I put a knife to my throat and asked "You see what it looks like ?"
This was after he had an AK-47 to his head.

He flipped out, we fought, I left, he called cops, told them I was suicidal. I got taken to the hospital (cop wouldn't listen) and security searched me.
A random nurse came in and saw a pouch I had with old needles and DMT I found at my bro's.
She opened the pouch without my nor security's permission and said she was giving it to the cops. Is this legal?

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Most officers are going to have no idea what DMT is. She is a private citizen and the ability to suppress information a private citizen finds is completely different from a police officer. Congratulations on getting over your heroin addiction, but please know that DMT is still an illegal substance in the US!

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I added a little more as I ran out of room in my original post. If you wouldn't mind looking at my post again I would extremely appreciate it. Either way, thanks for your response.


I agree with Mr. Shaffer. At this point, it is unclear what, if any, charges you may face. If you do face charges, please contact an attorney. I would also advise you not to share details online. Instead, visit an attorney in the confidential setting of his or her office.

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I agree with my colleagues. Don't post anymore information on line. Retain an experienced criminal defense attorney. Good luck.

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