What can be expected at port of entry by a visitor coming to US on B-2 visa?

My wife is coming to US on B-2 visa in May 2013. She had an F-2 visa rejection on section 214(b), prior to her B-2 visa approval. I am also planning to apply for my H-1 visa in this April. Does this all bring any trouble to my wife at port of entry? She is planning to visit US only for 2 months on B-2 visa and is sponsoring herself.

Burlington, WA -

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Lisa Ellen Seifert

Lisa Ellen Seifert

Immigration Attorney - Olympia, WA

I agree, she should have no trouble if she is really just visiting, and has reasons to return to her country that she can explain. Some officers will question her about the previous denials. She should be ready... and she should know everything about your status. Good luck.

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Stephen D. Berman

Stephen D. Berman

Immigration Attorney - Chicago, IL

They will ask the purpose of her trip and how long she is staying. If she answers appropriately there should be no problem.

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