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What can be done with a person that has violated probation in TX?

Dallas, TX |

On probation for 2 felonies in 2 different counties. The offenses were consolidated into 5 years. DUI with minor and abandon child endangerment,deadly conduct.

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  1. I will do my best to answer your question but I am sort of unclear exactly what you seek. If a person violates probation, whether in one or two counties, the judge in each county has the right to make a decision what happens on the case in their county without regard to the other case (even if they are running concurrently - at the same time.) They can continue the probation(s), revoke the probations and assess prison time, continue the probation but give quote jail therapy (meaning put the person in jail a while to get his/her attention), send them to prison and quote shock them out (put them in prison for a time period to show them what is going to happen if they continue to violate), assess additional fine, assess additional community service, put in a treatment program, do nothing, etc. There are many things that can be done.

    If one has violated probation on cases that are in 2 counties, I would hire one lawyer to handle both matters so that the outcome in county 1 can be an outcome more likely to work with the outcome in the other county.

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