What can be done about mental health program?

Last year my dads probation officer recommended he get sent to a mental health program. the program is for 9 months so the judge ordered for him to spend 9 months. the facility is called appling integrated treatment facility in baxley,ga he had an appointed attorney. my dad is supposed to get out in july now the date keeps changing now it says august the program is supposed to be 9 months only you have to stay there until then but since it keeps switching dates from july to august that would be more than 9. my mom is going to call them to let them know that the date keeps changing and its supposed to be for 9 months but if that doesn't work does she call his appointed attorney? his probation officer said 9 months and the staff at the facility said the same that it's a 9 month program

Albany, GA -

Attorney Answers (2)

Robert Michael Goldberg

Robert Michael Goldberg

Elder Law Attorney - Griffin, GA

Yes. Definitely speak with his court appointed attorney. They should be able to find out what is going on.

Barry Franklin Poulson

Barry Franklin Poulson

Health Care Lawyer - Hillsdale, MI

If he has an attorney, yes by all means consult the attorney. But, you may find that he is about to be scheduled out after the call to the facility.

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