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What can i ask for, spousal and child support in Louisiana? and what about the bills, & seperation & kids

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i have been married for 19 years and have 2 biological girls ages 13 and 17 and have shared 3 girls from my previous relationship. im an at-home mom by request of my husband and now my health is declining. we live in Louisiana and i need to know what are my rights and what i can ask for in a divorce. we have a home under a deed, we have 2 cars car A is half way paid 3.5000$ and car B no payment but used as colat for a home improve loan. no credit cards but owe a huge pawn payout. my hubby is very verbally abusive and i left him in 2005 but gave him another chance, but hes doing the same thing again and my triggers of my autoimmune dis his stress and gain my weight i lost back and feel depressed i cant go anywhere and he controls everything please help me

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seems like you can ask for all. not sure what your husband does. not telling me the history of the relationship financially--go out to eat, live a high life style, vacations. I suggest that you see a lawyer and find all of your rights. let me pause here and be fully candid. we get these questions and rarely is ALL the information that we need actually given. so, anything said is with a grain of salt, it depends on all of the facts. that is why I suggest you contact an attorney as soon as you can so that you and the attorney can converse and attorney can ask you the questions needed to be asked and you can answer them. only then, can you get really good answers and advice.



Thank you Dale for such a quick reply ur awesome. Only one incm were abt 490 a wk Turner Inds Firewatcher job I'm a homemkr so no high life or vacay not even movies sad. But I'm the one that makes the wheel go round and round by tht maid cook tutor bill payer laundry wifey duties and so on we both used to work be he wanted me home so here I am but I know this site gives gen advice so I hear ya. you can reply back and thx once again hope ur staying warm/safe in this weather


You would be entitled to temporary spousal support, and possibly permanent spousal support. You would be entitled to child support for the children under age 18 and still in secondary school. You could request use of the family home and use of a vehicle. You can file for divorce without claiming any type of fault. Debts and assets would be divided at the time of the settlement of community property which would occur after the divorce unless some resolution was reached earlier.

Every situation is different and you should consult your own attorney to go over all the particular facts in your case. The answer given is only intended to provide general guidance regarding rights and responsibilities.



Thx u Lauren that answer has helped we have 2 girls 17 & 13 I was just confused on how to pay back the debt with no immediate income and yes I would request as you stated and again thx for that info I feel by me at my husband request put my life on hold like school working and such and now being ill and still having kids to raise it will be hard

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