What Benefits are available for disabled?

I am a disabled person under age of 31 and a permanent resident . I am seeking benefits since I don't have any income . I wasn't working before I became disabled either because of an illness that led to the disability . Can I get SSI and SNAP ? what are the other benefit options ?

Richmond, VA -

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Gerald Gregory Lutkenhaus

Gerald Gregory Lutkenhaus

Social Security Lawyers - Richmond, VA

Since you are an alien, you will have to meet one of the alien exceptions to qualify for SSI (which is welfare disability). If you have paid into the Social Security system and have sufficient quarters then you can apply for Social Security benefits based on those earnings. Contact your local Social Security and file for both Social Security and SSI.

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Eugene Andre Ahtirski

Eugene Andre Ahtirski

Litigation Lawyer - Van Nuys, CA

Based on the facts you presented, it sounds like you may well be entitled to benefits. I would contact your local social services offices to set up an appointment and/or obtain a handbook on what state and federal aid may be available to you, then proceed to apply accordingly. Good luck!

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