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What area of practice does an attorney need to practice to help me vacate a judgement?

Red Bank, NJ |

I need assistance in filing the proper paperwork to have a judgement vacated. I am not sure which area of practice would be best to contact regarding this matter. Thank you.

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I agree with others here; but more is needed to answer your question. If you are talking about a default judgment, then the standard is that you must show 1) excusable neglect as to why you did not answer the complaint or otherwise defend, and 2) that you have a meritorious defense.

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A litigator would be appropriate, with a background in the substantive field which is the basis of the suit.


I agree with my colleague. A litigator, with experience in the appropriate practice area is whom you should seek out. You state that you're unsure which type of attorney to contact--it depends on the type of judgment you want vacated. If the judgment related to real estate you should seek out a litigator whose substantive practice area is in real estate. If the judgment is for a consumer debt, you should seek out a litigator who has experience in this area--they may identify themselves as bankruptcy, consumer protection, or a civil litigator with consumer debt experience. Again, it depends on the type of judgment.

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Based on the information you provided, an attorney who practices in litigation can assist you. To vacate a judgment the following must be shown to the Court (1) what is your excuse for not answering the complaint; (2) what is your defense to the complaint? It is very much helpful if you vacate a judgment within a year after the final judgment was entered. If you ask the court to vacate the judgment after a year, the standard is much higher.

Good luck.

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You need a litigator for sure but the particular cause of action - case type needs to be known so please repost with such info. In other weds a judgment in a divorce case, a probate matter, a mortgage foreclosure, an employment agreement, a business contract, a maritime matter, etc. Help us help you.

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The judgement was filed for unpaid hospital bills when I was a minor.


I agree with the answers of my colleagues, you need a civil litigator. There are a lot more facts that also need to be explored, which is beyond the scope of this website. Good luck.

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