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What are the typical attorney and court fees to file an expungement in cook county (Chicago)

Chicago, IL |

What is the average attorney and court fees to file an expungement in cook county and can you get the case expedited?

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The average attorney charges somewhere around $1,000.00 to handle an expungement in Cook County. Cook County expungements tend to be cheaper to handle as it is very unlikely that your attorney will have to make an appearance before a judge.

Unfortunately, expungements cannot be expedited in Cook County, and each filing has to wait in line behind each previous filing that came before it.


A one conviction expungement can take about ten hours of a lawyer's time to process through. The filing fee is a couple hundred dollars. A quality lawyer will charge an hourly rate of between $150 up to $400 per hour. A brand new lawyer may charge less hourly but will take more time and hours of work to get a result. The timing cannot be hurried as there are things that outside law enforcement need to provide that no lawyer can control.

Now, any deviation from the above changes the outcome. FIve convictions and three arrests are going to take longer, cost more and run up more legal fees.

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