What are the State of CA rules regarding child support?

If your getting ssd from your record and your child as well because you worked full time and got sick and the non custodial party (father of child) is on ssd , but the child is not getting support from the non custodials record because he didnt make as much, Can you have his ssd check garnished for child support ca.

Modesto, CA -

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Evan A Nielsen

Evan A Nielsen

Tax Lawyer - Redlands, CA

SSI is not normally garnishable for child support but SSD is. However, there are several other factors to consider in your fact pattern. It sounds like the fundamental issues is in actually receiving child support that goes beyond the SSI/SSD issue. You should consider using a profession to get the issue resolved. At least consider a free consult on the matter then weigh your options. You're in tricky territory - better to have a professional on your side.

Good luck.

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