What are the rules / laws around a resident installing speed bumps on a private road without the consent of the other residents

The road is not plowed by the town, and is not part of a development (which would usually have a single owner). The tax maps do not show the road as being owned by any of the property owners either, and there is actually an easement / right of way to the lake on this street past the newly installed speed bumps. This is a dead end road. Also - the speed bumps are not secured. We have a new owner, whose construction crew flies down our street, which is probably the reason for the new installation. I do not want to be difficult, but these are a nuisance / hazard (not to mention loud, and directly in front of my house), and the "installee" set them up after his own driveway so that he doesn't even need to ride over them.

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Michael David Siegel

Michael David Siegel

Real Estate Attorney - New York, NY

You run the risk of being sued by others for the impediment. It is not a crime or anything like that.

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