What are the requirements to fulfill being an emancipated minor?

for example i would like to be an emancipated minor so i do not have to correspond to my mom for everything including the fafsa she can not file taxes but i can but for the fafsa i correspond under my mother until I am 24. I can take care of myself and have been for the last couple of months without my mothers help. I will be doing my taxes this year and I just find no need to provide parent information if I no longer depend on them.

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Jill K. Whitbeck

Jill K. Whitbeck

Family Law Attorney - Reno, NV

If you are age 18, you are emancipated. If you are talking about funding for college (th FAFSA), emancipation is not the issue -- different rules apply, and your families income is relevent for those purposes. Otherwise, to emancipate you need to be at least 16 years old, have your own residence (not living with a parent), and have your own means of financial support (see Nevada Revised Statutes, Section 129). If you have lived with your mother for more than half the year, she can still claim you as a dependent on her income taxes, even if you file your own taxes. Nevada law outlines very clearly what is required and what proof must be shown. You can get forms through the court's self help center.

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