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What are the requirements for Underinsured Motorists Coverage

Los Angeles, CA |

I was involved in a hit and run and I had Underinsured Motorists Coverage but may insurance company does not want to pay! I was told that there are requirements for underinsured motorists coverage so what are they because I did not get a license plate number but could describe the vehicle! Someone please help me!

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Not sure what requirement your referring to but you should consult a personal injury attorney ASAP to investigate the incident and advise you.

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When you are in a hit and run for the Insurance company to pay on your uninsured motors claim


You mean uninsured motorist coverage? Based on the limited info, it sound like they should pay. Seek an experienced insurance coverage attorney to review your policy and get the claim covered. If you are injured, a personal injury attorney may be able to investigate and locate the person who hit you. You may have an independent lawsuit against that person/their insurance company. Good luck.

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Your post is a bit unclear. I'm not sure of there is a third party claim or an uninsured motorist claim involving an unidentified vehicle.

If there was insurance on the other vehicle, then you have a third party cla and you have to exhaust that vehicle's insurance policy in order to make an underinsured motorist claim (assuming your underinsured motorist policy limit is greater than the other person's policy limit).

If your vehicle was struck by an unidentified, hit and run vehicle vehicle, then most insurance policies require that you prove contact between your vehicle and the hit and run phantom vehicle in order for the uninsured motorist policy to cover.

You should contact an attorney to discuss further.

Marc Lazarus


A good first place to look would be the policy booklet you got from your insurance company. You do not need to know the license plate of the car that hit you.

Richard Andrew Harting

Richard Andrew Harting


you do need a plate number for an uninsured motorist property damage claim, but not for an uninsured motorist injury claim

David Lee Fiol

David Lee Fiol


When someone is discussing UIM-Property Damage they usually say so, and this person did not, so I assumed he or she was referring to a personal injury claim. Maybe I should not have assumed that.


If you were involved in a hit and run accident, there are several things you must do to comply with most insurance policies. There has to be contact with you and the other vehicle; you must have a police report made within 24 hours of the incident; and you must submit a hit and run declaration to the insurance carrier within 30 days.

You should consult a lawyer to see if you can save your claim.


I assume you are referring to uninsured motorist and not underinsured motorist (meaning third-party had insurance but not enough to cover your loss). For bodily injury you must show contact between the vehicles and prove the other driver and owner both did not have insurance, and file a police report. for uninsured property damage - same but you must get a license plate.


There are certainly requirements in order to be able to collect from an insurance plan, but without knowing the specific facts of your case it will be difficult to know why the insurance company is denying your claim. Is there obvious damage to your vehicle? Did you suffer any injuries? If so, it looks like you have a claim; I've handled cases like this for clients before, and sometimes it just takes a lot of back-and-forth communication with the insurance carriers. I think it would be wise to consult a personal injury attorney to help you.

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There are far more questions that should be asked to know your full situation, but as long as the accident would not have been your fault, I don't see how your Uninsured Motorist Coverage does not apply. Of course, if someone leaves the scene of the accident, they are rarely NOT at fault. If I were you, I would consult a local personal injury attorney so they may investigate this for you. I wish you the best of luck.

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Bottom line is trying to resolve a UM claim without a local lawyer typically results in either #1. no money or #2. a tiny nuisance settlement. Have a local lawyer investigate.


First of all, I hope you were not injured in the crash and if you were it is important that you seek medical attention immediately and begin treatment. Next, you must file a police report with the local police department regarding the accident. Additionally, make sure you preserve all evidence and contact a personal injury attorney immediately for a free consultation. The circumstances are unique in every case and only a licensed attorney can answer your questions based on the exact facts of your particular case. Do not wait! Time is of the essence and it's important that you get a competent attorney to represent you on this matter.

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