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What are the real possible outcomes of a motion to enforce a decree for contempt?

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I have an ex that seems to think they are exempt from the effects of the law in terms of the things ordered in our decree. He purposely has been self impoverishing and the employer has proof of him reducing his hours which means he's not paying his ordered child support, he did not pay/sell/refinance a debt he we both have in our name as ordered in the decree within 90 days, and he is refusing to reimburse medical expenses.

Is a judge really going to hold him accountable is this day and age or should I expect a slap on the wrist? At this point I am out several hundred dollars in medical expenses and hes damaged my credit in the long run. He is clearly in contempt. What will it take to prove contempt to a judge and what are my possible options for relief?

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You should hire a lawyer if you want to prove intentional underemployment. It is very fact-specific and will require presentation of witnesses and evidence. You don't have time to master those skills by the trial. Also, there are very tight pleading rules so you need a lawyer to draft your petition.

This answer DOES NOT establish an attorney-client relationship. This answer is based on the limited information provided and is not intended to be conclusive advice. There are likely other factors that might influence or change the advice after a more lengthy consultation.

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I agree with Ms. Lowry that you will need an attorney to help you accomplish what you want. Additionally, the outcome will depend heavily on the specific facts that can be proven as well as who the judge is, but one possibility of being found in contempt is being put in jail. It happens all the time to parents who fail to pay court ordered child support.

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Your possibility of having a positive outcome will be greatly increased if you hire an attorney to assist with your case. Don't fight this battle on your own!

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