What are the policies on teachers withholding (not entering and putting a zero) as a grade for students who have missing assignm

The teacher refuses to add the grade to the gradebook until all assignments are turned in, yet refuses to provide the missing assignments? What can I do?

Gilbert, AZ -

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Christine C McCall

Christine C McCall

Administrative Law Lawyer - Pasadena, CA

This is a question of school policy, not law. The teacher must act consistently with school and district rules and policies. Other than those limitations, s/he is free to act on her own judgment. The law will almost never interfere with the grading functions of teachers and professors.

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Barry Franklin Poulson

Barry Franklin Poulson

Criminal Defense Attorney - Hillsdale, MI

Are you saying you lost the assignments. it seems reasonable that the teacher would provide a new worksheet. Ask again, or consider asking the Principal for guidance.

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