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What are the penalties for a Under 2 oz.: Class B misdemeanor if this is your first offense...

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I were walking to the store and I saw the police as they were entering into some apt complex; some man on the inside of the apt complex as I were passing the apt had asked me for a cigarette, so I was like sure, it was only a cigarette; I didn't think anything visiting Dallas, and as I were completely past the apt here comes the police exiting the gate and stops. I'm like, why are they stopping and getting out for? so they got out and asked me did I know the person in the apt? I answered no, because I didn't, I'm from Louisiana. I simply explained to them that I just came from the house, that they saw me walking up the sidewalks as they pulled in and as passing by dude had asked for a cigarette. They walked around looking, the thing that got me was the fact they searched without asking.

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You need an attorney who understands criminal law so that the search can be contested if it's not a lawful search. If it was not legal, then your case could be thrown out since the evidence would get suppressed. The range of punishment for a class B misdemeanor is up to 180 days in jail and/or up to a $2,000 fine plus costs of court. Other options include probation with a conviction and without a conviction (deferred adjudication). Maybe counties have drug court programs and pretrial diversion programs available for first time marijuana cases, too.


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