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What are the most important matters in mediation for Juvenile?

Glendale, AZ |

What are the things you need to discuss in mediation for termination parental rights? my ex had costs me so much money in family court, he had self petitioned and half way through getting attorney, then self petitioned and half way through getting attorney again and i have my attorney all the way through and my ex had bully my both attorneys on emails, he signed the adoption paper work but modify them which makes that contract void, when asking him to resigned and not to amend anything, he was quick to respond that he is going to file visitation when he had terminated his visitation over 15 month ago. Can he do that? He also had moved out of state and only providing mailbox address. He had costs me stress and tensions. More over, we also had done the social study and paid for it.

and all we asked is for him to participate on the social study. Social study report stated that my ex never respond their call and though he called and left message to social worker but when they called him and left few messages, he never call back. What can i do to make the court see that it is so important to look into child bests interests as their mental and physical health and environment. When a non custodial parent shows consistent hostile, lies, bully and emotionally hurting their ex spouse, causing confusion to his children, and not committed of being a parent, and children do not even have memory of their father anymore, why hurting innocent children? when their life can be better and already established stability with their step father for many years now? non custodial parent is only doing it out of revenge towards their ex spouse and not thinking about the money that he cause can go to his children education future, please help.

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You really need a lawyer to advise you about mediation and how to conduct yourself at mediation so that your case is presented clearly. I'm licensed in California, not Arizona, although I can tell from your post that you are upset and do not understand how the legal and mediation processes work and that you would be much better served to have a lawyer help you with your case. This is far too complex a queston to ask on Avvo.

Angela M Wilson-Goodman

Angela M Wilson-Goodman


I completely agree with Ms. Johns. You really need to sit down with an experienced attorney and go through your history and what evidence is the most relevant and important from a factual standpoint, not an emotional standpoint.

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