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What are the Maryland state laws pertaining to the custodial parent relocating that child?

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My son's mother took him from me in 2004. I have no whereabouts to where she may be, I have even hired someone, she is no where to be found. I do beleive that she changed her and my sons name. As soon as she put me on child support and it was ordered, about 3 months later she was gone. I didnt not take a DNA test because I honestly thought that he was mine due to the relationship I was in with his mother. At this point I wonder what was her reasoning to doing this. Are there any court orders I can file to get an DNA test or even visitation rights for my son. If she has me on child support dont that have her adress? I do not know what to do. Any advice will surely help.

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  1. The first step is to locate the mother and child. Once you know where they reside, you can file a petition in their home state for visitation. It may be too late to challenge paternity, because a child support order has been entered.

  2. It is probably too late to request a DNA test. Your opportunity to do so was at the time of the initial proceeding.

    You are right that the Office of Child Support Enforcement should have your son's mother's address. You could request that they provide you with that information. If they refuse, I would suggest that you file a complaint for visitation and as part of that action issue a subpoena on the Office of Child Support Enforcement seeking their file. You are definitely going to get an opposition to this tactic.

    I suggest that you get an attorney to assist you with this matter.

    Please be advised that any information or advice given herein does not constitute an attorney client relationship. Further, before taking any actions or deciding not to take any actions, you should seek counsel of an attorney. This forum cannot provide you with the anyalysis and detail necessary for a full and accurate opinion to be rendered.

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