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What are the legal issues involved in setting up a donation fund / fundraiser for a cancer patient?

Green Bay, WI |
Filed under: Public finance

I'm thinking of setting up a donation fund for my sister diagnosed with breast cancer. What legal issues do I need to be aware of? Does she need to claim the donations as income on her tax return? Does this affect / conflict with any financial assistance available? Thank you

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  1. You should consult briefly with a tax/non-profits attorney about this issue. I don't believe donors would be able to have their contributions be tax deductible unless she obtained nonprofit status from the IRS by filing a Form 1023. I suspect she would need to declare the donations as income and this could make a difference for means-tested entitlement program eligibility. An attorney practicing in that area should be able to answer that for you. Good luck.

    Disclaimer - The above is not legal advice and should not be construed as such. Always seek legal representation for any important legal decisions.

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