What are the laws in ohio regarding spousal support. I've been married for 21 years. We have 3 children.

Asked over 1 year ago - Vermilion, OH

We've been at odds with each other for approx. 8 years now. I think we are both exhausted and probably need to move forward with a divorce. We have 3 children (19,17,13) together. Financially, we are not doing well. Emotionally, I'm not doing well! I went back to school a year ago for nursing. There really isn't any money to divide. Just wondering about how much will the divorce cost and how long will it take. Since we have been married for over 10 years I have been told I have some rights to a portion of his pension?

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  1. Howard M Lewis


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    Answered . I am sorry that you are going through this. You must first discuss child support with your attorney and then if there is room left for spousal support, the marital estate, the contributions by each party etc all matter, please sit with a local OH attny and he or she will help, take care.

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  2. Richard Joseph Stahl III


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    Answered . All of your questions can be answered with the atypical lawyer answer, "it depends". But I hope to be more insightful than the last 3 responses that essentially say- "go see a lawyer". While you should, you asked for an answer, so I can offer the following general answers-
    1. All marital property, including pensions, are subject to equitable (usually equal) allocation.
    2. Spousal support is not guaranteed, regardless of the duration of your marriage. A number of factors, including duration, are reviewed. Obviously income is a driving factor. 3. Your question asked what the laws of Spousal Support were. Well, they are found in Ohio Revised Code 3105.18. A simple Google search will bring it up. Unfortunately, understanding it may not be as simple, so counsel may help.
    4. Custody & Child Support are also issues you will need to review.
    5. The length that a divorce can take varies. You can go the dissolution route, which will have you single less than 2 months from the date you file; however, that requires agreement of both you and your spouse. I have also been a part of divorce cases that have taken years.
    6. That's why it's impossible to give a flat rate cost in this field. A 2 year case takes more work than a 2 month case, and obviously costs more.
    I hope that answers some of your questions. The truth is contacting a lawyer for a consultation will provide a lot more clarity, so I highly recommend that. And good luck!

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  3. Jayson Lutzky


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    Answered . consult with a local experienced divorce lawyer to protect your interest.

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  4. Peggy Margaret Raddatz


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    Answered . This is not the proper forum to discuss the cost and length of your divorce. You need to consult a local divorce atorney to answer those questions. Yes one spouse wil pay child support and again that question needs to be answered by local counsel. Most likely he or she will pay for only two children and not the 19 year unless that child is disabled or in college. Good luck.


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