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What are the laws in CT and the process for signing over custody of your child to someone else?

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A close childhood friend of mine had a baby, he is 6 days old. Dad is in jail(convicted of a felony) and Mom knows she does not have the means to take care of him(job, own home, vehicle or license). DCF is involved as of now because of Dad's situation and Mom's living arrangement. Mom is also sick and DR's want her to start chemo within this next month. She has asked me if I would be willing to take him if she signs custody over to me. Since DCF is involved do they get to decide? Can she sign custody over to me before their case is closed out? What is the process we would need to go through? We are in Connecticut.

Mom failed a blood drug test while in the hospital, she was allowed to take the baby home only because she is living with her Mom right now. She is not allowed to be alone with the baby without her Mom or Dad's supervision. She goes for another drug test the 2nd week of March. Her case worker mentioned she would be able to sign rights over to either of her parents. Mom(baby's grandmother) is also sick, and the baby's Mom she does not want her to have custody. Her father works a lot and his girlfriend does not want a baby. Neither of her parents are an available option for her.

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Custody can be dealt with in The Superior Court and in Probate Court. The later tends to be cheaper. I assume you are merely talking about temporary custody which can be arranged through the state department of children and families, which would essentially be free. Adoption is more complicated and requires the consent of both parents, even the felon, and a resulting court order. Simply "signing over custody" is not possible. It is not illegal for a parent to leave a child with a responsible adult. Parents do this all the time. This DOES NOT change custody which remains with the responsible parent who retains "custody" for all legal purposes.

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Right, just for the time being until she gets herself into a better place physically and health-wise. If it is set-up through DCF, do we still go through court? Is that something that requires a lawyer, even if the Mom is consenting to it?

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