What are the laws against anti-competitive practices?

There is a club of British professionals and companies in Houston, Texas, who deal among themselves and routinely reject competition. Example: a Scottish company builds interlocking systems for pipeline jumpers used underwater. Their system is becoming a standard product and is requested by many Oil companies for all their offshore work. I ordered this interlocking system from their dealer in Houston. They refused to sell it to me. I found out that they took advice from one of my competitors (a British man). What is my recourse?

Spring, TX -

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Justin Allen Hill

Justin Allen Hill

Oil / Gas Attorney - Houston, TX

You should speak to an antitrust lawyer and determine if they are being anti-competitive. They may have a legal basis for not selling to you but you should speak to a lawyer with experience in handling anti-trust matters. Please e-mail me if you have any more questions.
Justin Hill

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