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What are the labor laws regarding driving a company vehicle?

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I drive a take home service van provided by my employer. Does my workday start when I start driving the van from my driveway or can the employer require that the first 20 - 30 minutes of the drive time at the begining and end of the shift is on my time? If the employer can impose a commute time and I am involved in an accident during that period am I covered by Workman's Compensation? If the vehicle is snowed in is the time that it takes to shovel the snow my time or should I be paid to shovel the snow to free the vehicle? If the vehicle does not start before leaving for work does my shift start after the vehicle is operational? What if the vehicle breaks while at a job site at the end of the day?

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You pose many and complicated questions to which there is no easy answer. Federal and state laws impact the analysis. When you drive a company truck and take it home, Federal wage laws have specific provisions that talk about when the drive time to/from work is or is not compensable. Some of the other items you ask about will depend on the intial analysis of the drive time and are likely going to be subject to interpretation. I suggest that you talk to an attorney in your state familiar with both Federal and state wage laws about these issues. Alternatively, you could try talking to the Departement of Labor, Wage and Hour Division for an opinion.

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