What are the IRS forms a Judge has to file to the IRS to prove the respondent has not filed taxes so I may prove perjury,

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what IRS forms does a Judge file to prove the respondent (my husband) has not filed taxes so I may prove perjury, and once she has this proof on non-taxes file where the respondent did so under oath swear these taxes were filed, done completed and up to date, what is the penalty for perjury? Does this proof warrant any leniency, so that it is not incarceration, or is this hard proof for a definite 2-4 years? And will the Judge grant me an order to gain entry back into my home if the respondent is incarcerated seeing he also said I resided there with him and was on the lease and she wrote this admission in her order dated May 10 2013 .so I may enter, sell all of our marital assets should he go to jail that day on contempt, perjury 7th violation and what should/could be the max jail time.

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    Answered . The form to make a report to the Treasury Department / IRS is:


    I would speak with a matrimonial attorney before you do anything. It sounds like you are very scorned, but you must make sure that you qualify for "innocent spouse" treatment before you provide information that may begin an investigation.

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