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What are the IRS forms a Judge has to file to the IRS to prove the respondent has not filed taxes so I may prove perjury,

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what IRS forms does a Judge file to prove the respondent (my husband) has not filed taxes so I may prove perjury, and once she has this proof on non-taxes file where the respondent did so under oath swear these taxes were filed, done completed and up to date, what is the penalty for perjury? Does this proof warrant any leniency, so that it is not incarceration, or is this hard proof for a definite 2-4 years? And will the Judge grant me an order to gain entry back into my home if the respondent is incarcerated seeing he also said I resided there with him and was on the lease and she wrote this admission in her order dated May 10 2013 .so I may enter, sell all of our marital assets should he go to jail that day on contempt, perjury 7th violation and what should/could be the max jail time.

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The form to make a report to the Treasury Department / IRS is:

I would speak with a matrimonial attorney before you do anything. It sounds like you are very scorned, but you must make sure that you qualify for "innocent spouse" treatment before you provide information that may begin an investigation.

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thanks but I know that form you posted, that is for reporting fraud/tax evasion/non-taxes. there is a form a judge can file to the IRS where the IRS will release to the court on an individual info pertaining to that persons taxes and if the party has or has not filed do you know that file number?



BTW: On the contrary I love my husband he is just out smarting himself with the street life he mistakenly choose and now it is catching up to him. I often think jail woild be good for him to turn himself around, but just the same if he wants to run with wild women I feel its fair I seek a diovrce and we cannot begin this process if he is in 10 year tax evasion.. not fair for me... Id like to move I heard if he is incarcerated I can get a divorce and if he doesn't do his taxes that is between him and the IRS either way 2-4 years perjury or 2-4 tax evasion.. if he truly could stay out of the hood and away from street woman I would try with him because I have forgiven him a zillion times as I know he has a weakness to stuff out there... but then these nutty sleazy trashy woman are at me and I cannot deal with it because they think his lust is true love. it is no way for a classy loyal kind forgiving christian wife like me to live,..wouldn't you agree? but I love him and ironically I know he loves me he just doesn't know what to say about messing up. and I am too drained to ask,



totally understandable but there are basic form numbers a Judge can file .... that is public knowledge . jail time for perjury is public knowledge, my questions were vague but to the precise point. You make it personal like your my shrink and think I am scorned because I want my husband to go to jail.. Maybe !! if it truly will help us to work because obviously he doesn't want a divorce. I offered to pay a $40.00 affidavit admitting adultery so I could avoid this route and get my divorce in my country and he said no. Your a man. what does that say. he made a mistake and does not want to lose touch with me. he knows I cannot move on because of my faith. I think that also is an emotional bully control thing because as I hope to get him on perjury it will also prove hopefully one day in another court how he gets fabricated restraining orders on me where in past appearances and trials, he admits he made a mistake and then goes to the judge whose order it is and say he wants to drop it now because he wants to be a good husband and now goes and gets another one. she gives it to him although I show proof to counter his vague but blatant lies. You tell me . he cheated I get STD. do you really care... NOPE!!! neither do the courts.. it is all black and white... so he says he did his business and personal taxes. wont give me a divorce or smart'n up so we go to court he has to submit this financial proof on his 7 th violation. bottom line even after 5-7 requests to submit assessments /proof. he will be in contempt again. ( wont get punished) judge will not care he is in 10 year tax evasion and that he swore under oath in her court room he did his taxes, she's show favoritism and do it for him like she has and we are on a 7th violation of support and to date the court lets him off from ever submitting his taxes. what is wrong with this picture?... so you tell me, who do I go to speak to that I can make it confidential and get my life back and make this judge make him file his taxes and/or punish him. now, 7 violations not even a smack on the back of the hand with a "you bad boy where is your support "what is wrong with this picture? when does someone uphold the family law that taxes need to be submitted. really what is .JUSTICE???? he has been asked also at least 15-20 times over 4 years to submit taxes and financial and never once has he. and never once has he been held in contempt. so he does it and they don't care.. so why have family court at all if the policies and procedures are ignored by court officials Judges/Magistrates?



p.s. thanks for letting me vent giGGLEe, should of read he never submits or comply's because he never gets held responsible.... pray this week I persuade the court to see his simply perjuring himself over and over..and this is getting out of hand and against the law.

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