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What are the consequences of violation summary probation? Violation it with a first DUI.

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On July 2008 I received a misdemeanor and received a 3 yr summary probation. Last week I received a DUI by a highway patrol. Since this was my first DUI, I was released without bail. My court date is at the end of this month and I am worried because I do not know how severe this violation is and I cannot afford a lawyer.

I received summary probation due to getting in a fight with a security guard after getting out of the club so this was alcohol related. I had to go to anger managment class as well as AA meetings. This also occured in the same county. Will I receive serious consequences?

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It depends what you were placed on probation for July 2008? Was it alcohol-related? What are the terms & conditions of your probation? This is a very serious offense. A public defender may be assigned to you if you qualify; if you do not, you must seek a private attorney to defend you. Good luck.

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The court will provide one for you if you meet their financial standards for income.

As to the consequences, depends on the underlying offense that you are on probation for. Factors include, was their a suspended sentence, was it alcohol related, was it in the same county, etc. Also, what are the facts of the new violation, was an accident involved, etc.

Good luck with your situation.

Matthew Williamson

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I am not license to practice in California.

If you cannot afford an attorney and you meet income requirements, a publice defender will be assigned to you.

Talk with your court appointed attorney when see them.

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