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What are the consequences of carrying a firearm without a permit?

Los Angeles, CA |

Due to economic reasons I was forced to move into a bad side of the city. Recently, I was robbed at night, in the back of my apartment complex. He threatned me with a large butcher knife; he stole my purse. The useless LAPD still hasn't caught the man. I'm petrified that the suspect will come back again. I purchased a small hand gun and I registerd it with DOJ, etc. I found out that I can not carry it concealed. I've applied for a CCW permit, but it's virtually impossible, unless your a cop or some government official. The "Open carry" law was repealed. I'm not left with any options, so I'm going to carry it in my purse anyway. What would are the consequences of that? Would if this black guy comes back and tries to rob me and I shoot him. Will I still be arrested for carrying the gun?

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Take a look at Penal Code sections 12025 and 12031. These are the least of what you are gambling with. You are asking for serious trouble from law enforcement and can wind up with a criminal record, in custody, faced with massive fines, and on probation that will circumscribe your life in ways you haven't yet thought through. There is no winking about the gun laws in L A County.

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Thank you Ms. Mc Call How does our government expect us to defend our selves from these worthless thugs!!?


The consequences of carrying a firearm under such circumstances are usually dependant on the jurisdiction one is in where one is found with such a firearm. If a person is carrying an unregistered hand gun in New York City, as a for instance, that person could be subject to a mandatory imprisonment of not less than one year. Based on the facts you have described, I highly recommend that you consult with local counsel in Los Angeles. You can find an attorney through the Los Angles bar association or the State Bar Association for California. Best of Luck!!!



Thank you.

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