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What are the consequences if your roll your own vehicle and no one is hurt but you dont talk to police or report the accident?

Traverse City, MI |

a friend of mine rolled her vehicle and no one was hurt and only her car was damaged. she left the scene and didnt talk to police or make a report. on the other hand, her licence is suspended. can authorities prove she was driving? and what are the consequences?

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Did she leave the car at the scene? Did she ever report it stolen? If she has insurance and she wants to get it fixed, she will have to make a police report about what happened. Yes, there are further criminal sanctions for driing on a suspended license. I would advise her to get a lawyer right away, if a police report is necessary, so she can get her car fixed? If she just left the car at the scene, chances are the police hve already impounded it. Again, I would contact a criminal defense lawyer in the area to discuss options before just deciding to abandon the vehicle.

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I've got to agree with attorney Kalka's advice fully. Insurance companies usually require as a condition of accepting a claim that there be a police report. I am not licensed to practice law in MI. However, leaving the scene of an accident where there is property damage is a crime. True, not as severe as leaving the scene of an accident where there is personal injury, but still an offense. Your friend should not speak to the police until she retains experienced counsel to advise her.

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