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What are the consequences for missing my FIRST class in PC1000? I have a very important job & could not make it. Now I'm scared.

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Have no priors. Was picked up for having a couple rx meds loose in the car. Judge granted me entrance into PC1000 classes. I signed up, have yet to miss a court date, however, missed my first day of class due to work.

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Shame on you. You are off to a very disrespectful start. By choosing your job over the class you have disrespected the court. Now you want the court to do you a favor. That's not how the system works. You need to get back in there tomorrow to fix the issue. The longer you wait the less tolerance the court will have for you. My advice is to bring an attorney for many reasons, but for most of all your bad judgment will only further your problems. An attorney can keep you from making any further bad judgments in front of the court.
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Did the program tell you that you need to go back to court for re-enrollment papers or are they letting you make up the class? If they're letting you make up the class, you should work with them on getting into the class ASAP.

If the program told you that you need to go to court to get the re-enrolled, then Mr. Cerynyar is correct, you need to get an attorney and go to court ASAP, get out in front of the problem and deal with it. You and your lawyer need to strategize how to handle it. Get an attorney who knows the courtrhouse you're in and knows how to deal with the judge handling your case.

And I don't mean to lecture you or sound like an a-hole, but here's the deal: You've already plead guilty to a felony. If you screw up, all the judge has to do is sentence you. Sure, he may sentence you to Prop 36, but that's more difficult to complete than DEJ and it carries the collateral consequences of a felony conviction. You need to take this seriously because if you have a felony conviction, you'll have a hell of a time finding ANY job

Our drug laws are stupid and unfair...I get it, who gives a s**t about some loose pills, especially if there's no DUI allegation. But this is the system we have. You were unlucky enough to get caught up in it and now you need to deal with it. Bottom line: Don't just sit around being scared, take some action. Call the program and see what they're going to do.

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The consequences of missing your first class could cause a disqualification of the diversion program. That probably won't happen. The sooner you take care of it the better chance you'll get reinstated with an admonition from the judge.

Every case is different. Specific facts of your case must be applied before relying on an answer to a general question. The answer given here is a general statement of the law on the issue that you presented in your question.

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My colleagues are correct. Contact an attorney in your area. Many of us provide free consultations. You have been given an opportunity by receiving diversion. Take it seriously and get on top of the situation now.

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