What are the consequences for an open container infraction? Business and Professions Code Section 25620

Asked over 3 years ago - Cypress, CA

Dear Sir/Madam,

I was walking to a house party in Berkeley, CA carrying an alcoholic beverage in an opened can. Unaware of the consequences of doing so I was stopped by the police and issued with a citation (labelled as an infraction) for breaking Section 25620 of the Business and Professions Code- carrying an opened container of alcohol. The police told me I would have to pay a small fine and it was a public offense.

Upon contacting the court the person I spoke to over the phone said I should be prepared to pay a fine of approximately $500. Is this usual? Also I am from overseas and do not possess a CA drivers license. Will this infraction be recorded on my criminal record in the US and affect my future employment in the US?

Please let me know.

Thanks in advance!

Additional information

I forgot to mention that I am 22 years old

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  1. Answered . Yes, these types of citations / infractions generally are taken care of with a fine. The fine is set by local or state law, so it may very well be $500 - that was one expensive drink!

    Yes, if an employer subscribes to and checks certain background services for job applicants then it will show up on your report, at that point is up to the employer to decide if they wish to proceed with hiring you or not (each employer sets its own policies as to what eliminates candidates and what does not.) Depending on the federal policies in place at the time you apply for a work visa, it may also impact your ability to be approved for a work visa.

    Pay a lawyer and fight the citation is an option, you decide if it is worth it or if you want to risk it.

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