What are the child abandonment laws in california? I have a 2 year old daughter. i have sole physical and legal custody of her.

her dad and i have been to court a few times. he was supposed to take a paternity test, i did, he didnt. he was ordered to pay $327 a month child support. he has never payed a dime. he got granted an hour a week supervised visitation. he has seen her 4 times in her whole life and and hasnt seen her since she was 2 months old. he never calls, had failed to show or call for numberous prearranged visitations. i have a protective order for domestic violence (he threw a table at me when i was 8 months pregnant) and he threatened to kidnap my daughter. i was told that after 2 years of no contact (which will be in july) i can file for child abandonment and have is visitation and all parental rights taken away. is this true? how does it work? will he still be required to pay child support?

Murrieta, CA -

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Stephen Ross Cohen

Stephen Ross Cohen

Family Law Attorney - Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Just do it, retain an attorney and do it for your child, he has not paid, why care about that now?

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Maryam Atighechi

Maryam Atighechi

Child Custody Lawyer - Beverly Hills, CA

Yes! He will still be ordered to pay child support. The ONLY way a parent can get out of his or her obligation to pay child support is through someone else adopting the child to take his/her place. Even a relinquishment of parental rights will not stop his obligation to pay child support.

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