What are the chances of reducing a 39:4-91 ticket to no points and only a fine if I have a court date?

The fire truck was sitting in the median area of rt 46 east and west with no lights or sirens and when I got closer I pulled to the right and yielded. The truck didn't pull out and I thought he either had to get over to the parking lot I had pulled in front of or he was not leaving so I drove slowly in the shoulder for about 5 seconds before the truck pulled out 100 yards behind into the left lane, still no sirens. Before having a chance to pull over again, a cop pulled me over and gave me a ticket and court date. The violation also happened in a safe corridor.

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Mark M Cheser

Mark M Cheser

Speeding / Traffic Ticket Lawyer - Union, NJ

Very good. This a 2 point ticket. You can get a 97.2 unsafe for the asking. High fine though $439. With an attorney you may be able to do better but the savings would be offset by the attorney fee.

James Alexander Abate

James Alexander Abate

Criminal Defense Attorney - Westfield, NJ

Since it is in a safe corridor you would be looking at a big bill. The fine can go to $500 which doubles to $1000 in the safe corridor if you get the max. And since you asked about the zero point offense, that comes with a $200 fine (after doubling), $250 surcharge, $39 costs so $459. Either way an expensive 2 points. Hire a lawyer to minimize things.

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Jeffrey Anthony Skiendziul

Jeffrey Anthony Skiendziul

Criminal Defense Attorney - Eatontown, NJ

You should talk your situation over with an attorney about the prospect of getting your ticket reduced. Aside from the facts of your case, your driving history will also play a factor in determining the final outcome of your case. Call one of us to schedule a consultation before your court date. Good luck.

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Matthew C Simon

Matthew C Simon

Criminal Defense Attorney - Parsippany, NJ

Best bet is to hire a local attorney who handles these types of cases. Without representation, its unlikely that you will get offered anything satisfactory and you could get pressured into a plea agreement. An experienced attorney can review the paperwork and negotiate the best deal for you (or handle the Trial). I offer free 30 minute consultations. Good luck.

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