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What are the chances of getting a plea deal with out a lawyer on a class a misdemeanour .

Round Lake, IL |

No trouble with the police ever can't afford a lawyer but not destitute.speeding is the charge?

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  1. Probably not as good as with a local criminal attorney - however, if you can't afford one, AND if you qualify, request the Public Defender

    This is not intended to be legal advise or as legal representation. I am a California personal injury attorney . Be aware that every state has its own statute of limitations; and statutes & case laws that govern the handling of these matters.

  2. The chances of a plea deal are exceptional. There is always a plea deal. If its speeding and Round Lake, call me on Monday for a free consult. Hire an experienced traffic attorney who knows the prosecutors and you will be very happy. Please feel free to check out my website at I live local and practice local and am very confident I can help you with your situation.

    Good luck.

    This answer is marginal legal advice and does not constitute an attorney-client relationship. Every client and case is unique. The best advice is to always consult with an attorney. Free legal resources at

  3. You have a good chance of receiving a light sentence, including supervision, even without an attorney. You did not mention what you were charged with and it might have been possible to reduce the charges and possibly also the sentence if you had a lawyer. You indicate you cannot afford counsel, but have you checked into the actual fees that would be charged? You might be surprised at the fees are not as high as you thought they would be. Ask around. There are many good lawyers in your area.

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