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What are some things in a report in which a police officer can't use the word "mistake" as a excuse?

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Like for example officer says she talk to someone at hospital, yet lie in the report about how she was there at a time before fire department even arrive to sent the injured to the hospital in order to help a fake witness who arrive just as late she she is to pretend to be be on scene in the early aftermath when in fact she arrived over 1 hour later past the accident time after everything is gone save for the one driver and a group of fake witnesses. What other examples in a report one should look in to in which an officer can't deny it and use the excuse a mistake to cover up her crimes?

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  1. Your question tells me you have something serious on your mind but you do not say what. Are criminal charges involved? If so speak to a criminal defense attorney in the Bay Area. Determing when police are not telling the truth and presenting it to the Judge or Jury is an art, not a simple task that we can amswer on this forum. There are many possible approaches but they all start with an attorney. And do not post any more facts on this website because it is not private. Good luck.

  2. Some people are simply not temporal consecutivists when they write. When it is written "do A, do B, and Do C, its not necessarily that these things came in ABC order as ACB, BCA, BAC, CBA, & CAB are also possible. Also depending on the agency, sometimes these things are written long hand and not many people want to go back and erase and start over for temporal consecutive sequencing of the action. Time is also an issue as people are not allowed hours and hours to write, polish and proofread reports.

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  3. Posting the same question over and over will not get you a different answer. Same question, same answer.

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