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What are some reasons the D.A. might dismiss a case for domestic violence after filing a report?

Aurora, CO |
Filed under: Domestic violence

I filed a domestic violence report it in Arapahoe county, and I'm just curious what are some of the most common reasons a case may be dismissed by the state?

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  1. Because the case is weak. Because most DV cases are he said-she said cases and are difficult to get convictions from juries on. Because of a lack of objective proof. Because of inconsistent statements from a victim. Because the victim has a criminal record showing crimes of dishonesty. The list goes on and on. I am a little concerned that you are so heavily invested in this issue of "dismissal" and are seeking for a way to interfere with the DA's case to get the case dropped. I would advise you that if they serve you that if they personally serve you with a subpoena and you blow off court, a warrant will be issued for your arrest. Judges and prosecutors do not taking messing with the process lightly.

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