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What are some of maine's natural resources that have a huge impact?

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Natural resoures as in certain animals ,or trees that have an impact on the state of maine.

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I'm sorry - I don't understand the question. "Impact" in what way? The website for the Maine Department of Conservation will probably answer your questions:


Typically, it is human activities that have an impact on natural resources, but Maine is full of many natural resources that have an impact on Maine's economy and quality of life. From the coastal fisheries (think lobster and various fish) to millions of acres of forest land to wild and scenic rivers which support fishing and tourism, Maine is the natural resource bank of New England. The forests are not only habitat for many species of animals, but provide paper pulp and other wood products for the economy.
Your question wasn't really a legal one, but it certainly hits on a topic that triggers consideration of a whole host of environmental laws and regulations.

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