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What are some consequences for getting a DUI on a military base in California as a civilain?

Carlsbad, CA |

I have a lawyer. They let me go home after and never took my license away. I'm just banned from base.

Also why didn't they call the local police on me? Isn't that military procedure?

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If you were arrested on the military post, then you were on federal property. Being on federal property, the case falls to federal court instead of the local state or municipal court. Thus, it is up to the military police to present the charges to the US attorney. They may or may not do this. Keep in touch with your lawyer as he should be checking for filing. Also, even though it is federal, the state may still be able to take action against your drivers license so it is important to address that issue also.

Good luck.

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If you have a lawyer and that lawyer is any good they will and should have already answered these questions. I believe you already asked this question before and see my prior response.
Robert Driessen

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