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What are rules when occupying the same residence while a divorce is pending?

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Temporary Orders say we "may continue to occupy the same residence". Also "Both parties are restrained from harassing, . . . or interfering with the personal liberty of each other." During the preliminary hearing my husband's attorney pointed out that we have a large home with many rooms. My attorney told me that I could insist on separate bedrooms and personal space, which my husband complied with.
I asked my husband to take turns with the kitchen, lvngrm, dining room. He refused. To avoid him I had to stay in one of two rooms whenever he was home. He took over all but a tiny fraction of space in the kitchen for his own use, ordered me to get his permission to move furniture but took furniture out of my room at will, etc.
Who was out of line here?

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Unfortunately, there are no "rules" in this situation. The court can only micro-manage so much. This is why it is best to separate as soon as possible. If there are specific issues, you need to talk to your attorney about that. You should also consider putting a lock on your bedroom door, if you haven't already.

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Thanks, that's what I thought. If I could get my attorney to answer my questions, I wouldn't be posting questions on this web site. I moved out because things were getting so miserable at home. Maybe they wouldn't have if I had been able to get some feedback and advice from my attorney. This has generated even more questions and problems that my attorney doesn't have time for or ignores or says he will address and then doesn't. I am trying to get a new attorney but that has it's own set of problems which I have posted in separate questions.

Nicholas C. Zales

Nicholas C. Zales


You definitely need a new attorney ASAP.



Yep, working on it.

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