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What are reasons to request transcripts from child custody hearing?

Philadelphia, PA |

I am interested in receiving the transcripts from my hearing. I am certain that my ex will take me back to court in the future, so I would like the transcripts to assist me in the future. Also, things said in this case can be used in another case my ex is involved in.
What are some reasons people request transcripts for?

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Generally, for exactly the reason s you're considering requesting them and for appeals. A word of caution, though - transcripts can be expensive. You should call the office within the county court house where your hearings hwere held that orders transcripts to ask what the per page cost is. Also in soe counties you need a court order to obtain transcripts. In Delaware County it's called the Office of Electronic Recording. One option that may be available to you is to obtain a CD recording of the hearing, which is much less expensive than a transcript. That way you may be able to zero in on the points in the testimony where the questionable statements were made. If you have that option in your county, I'd ask the folks in the office from which you would order the transcript from if they will accept a request for transcription of portions of transcripts based on your estimated start and end times. If they do, then you'll have to closely time the recording. Another option which is sometimes available is to allow you to actually sit in the court house recording office and listen to the hearing. Doing that makes it much easier to accurately designate the time markers for the testimony you want to have transcribed.

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Transcripts are used to show what people said under oath. We obtain them all the time.


Transcripts are used quite frequently to show what happened in prior proceedings. You can use them to show that your ex is lying if the answers change. Also, if the judge's order was on the record, the transcript will have the order verbatim.


In Philadelphia, there is a form to request the transcript. The initial fee is $50. Then, once your hearing is transcribed, they will contact you the document is ready and advise you of the balance remaining. Usually there is about $25-50 more left owed.

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