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What are possible sentences for theft and credit card fraud and what can be done about it?

Cleveland, OH |

My boyfriend was just picked up by the police and is being held in jail and being transfered to county apparently he has 100 charges and 3 felonies for theft and using stolen credit cards and possible something else not much info is being given he claims he did not steal anything but did use the credit cards he just turned 18 in august what will happen and what can be done
also these things occurred in three diffrent cities and all are contributing to the charges

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Theft of a credit card is a felony in the fifth degree for each count. See ORC 2913.02 and 2913.71. Misuse of credit cards can be either a misdemeanor or felony depending on the nature of use of the card. See ORC 2913.21. Felony charges carry prison time. If he's turned 18, he's looking at 6 months minimum. He needs an attorney.

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